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Logistics Services

Air & Sea

Customs Brokage

Conslog customs experts can guide you through the complexity of customs department and help your good clear quickly and   efficiently with our automated customs clearance network. Conslog handle all import permit requirement for various type of   goods. We determined to offer our customers total solutions for their customs related requirements at various terminal all around Malaysia include east Malaysia and west Malaysia.

Air / Sea Freight Specialist


Sea Freight

Constamarie Logistics Sdn Bhd, with a complete range of Sea Freight Services, we leverage volumes smartly, to deliver competitive sea transportation in every major trade lane. Through our network of experienced professionals, strong world shipping connections and extreme flexibility, we are able to specifically respond to whatever your shipping needs may be. 

We, specialist in:-

  • Full container load services
  • LCL consolidation services
  • Door to door services
  • Break bulk

Air Freight

Airfreight is recommended If your goods need arrive at destination with short lead time. As an airfreight forwarding company,   Conslog can meet all your global transportation needs around the world by our best Air Freight Services. We can provide you   a customized freight packages with best rate and also different handling procedures and also different routing.

Warehouse & Distribution

Warehouse & Distribution

  Storage and handling

Conslog perform high level of professional warehousing services. No matters you require pallet, loose storage or others, we can offer our warehousing facilities that can fulfill the requirement. We provide safe storage of goods for long term or temporary. Through our integrated management system, we not only provide control in Malaysia basis but also allow customers to supplement and redistribute cargo but also capable to offer warehousing facilities for client at mot of seaports in Malaysia. Our Warehouse allows easy access to process orders and distribute products quickly and cost effectively.
  Inbound Logistics

We perform visual checks as well as manual inspection to ensure the entry and exit goods are in a good condition. During the inbound activities, after warehouse unloading and palletizing goods, we will checking the good for defect and damage. After inspect the good, we will place the good to the assign racking location. We assure of the safe arrival of your product anywhere, anytime.
  Outbound Logistics

We deliver the goods based on the sales order, packing list and subsequently load that customer provide to us. We also implement Inventory valuation methods such as ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) and 'First In, First Out' (FIFO) for picking the good depends on customer requirement.

Value-added Logistics

  Conslog do more than just store the goods for you. Our expansive range of value-added logistics solutions as below:

Cargo packaging & repackaging
We can sorting and repackaging good depending on your requirement. Example, we can packing the good into new outer cartons, customer-specific packaging, or repackaging of damaged boxes.

Wrapping service
We had own wrapping machine to provide warehouse wrapping service for wrapping carton, drum, bags, pallet boxes of goods. The stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items, The elastics recovery keeps the items tightly bound. We can ensure the products is in good condition during the process of delivery.


Trucking & Haulage

Constamarie Logistics offering various road mode services with trucking & haulage no matter your shipment is one pallet, full trailer load, full container or etc. We also provide Door to door delivery service include Cross border logistics service in between Malaysia to Singapore. This cross trade from Malaysia to Singapore is arrange by us daily as our strong services. Our adept professionals come up with highly effective solutions that you need for your business. We will tracking your shipment time to time using our GPS system, to ensure we achieve customer satisfaction and on time delivery. We focus on technology and the automation of processes guarantees our ability to stay flexible – this is peace of mind for our customers and their desire to stay ahead of the curve.


    Trailer Type :

1)Curtain Side Rigid Truck: Dimension 24ft

Curtain Side Rigid Truck: Dimension 24ft

Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
24 Feet/7200mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8  Feet/2400mm 10 ton

2)Curtain Side Rigid Truck: Dimension 28ft

Curtain Side Rigid Truck: Dimension 28ft

Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
28 Feet/8400mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8 Feet/2400mm 10 ton

3)Curtain Side Trailer: Dimension 40ft/2 axles

Curtain Side Trailer: Dimension 40ft/2 axles  
Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
40 Feet/12000mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8.5 Feet/2550mm 20 ton

4)Curtain Side Trailer: Dimension 40FT/3 axles

  Curtain Side Trailer: Dimension 40FT/3 axles  
Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
40 Feet/12000mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8.5 Feet/2550mm 24 ton

5)Curtain Side Trailer: Dimension 45ft/3 axles (air ride)

  Curtain Side Trailer: Dimension 45ft/3 axles (air ride)  
Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
45 Feet/13500mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8.5 Feet/2550mm 27 ton

6)Open Trailer: Dimension 40FT/2 axles

Open Trailer: Dimension 40FT/2 axles
Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
40 Feet/12000mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8.5 Feet/2550mm 12 ton

7) Open Trailer: Dimension 40FT/4 axles

Open Trailer: Dimension 40FT/4 axles
Internal Length Internal Width Internal Height Max Load
40 Feet/12000mm 8 Feet/2400mm 8.5 Feet/2550mm 28ton
Haulage Container
Container type Internal Dimensions
( L x W x H)
opening(W x H)
Payload capacity
20ft General
5.89 x 2.35 x 2.39m 2.34 x 2.28m 33.1m³ 28,280kgs
40ft General
12.05 x 2.35 x 2.39m 2.34 x 2.28m 67.6m³ 26,740kgs
40ft High Cube 12.05 x 2.35 x 2.69m 2.34 x 2.58m 76.2m³ 28,670kgs
45ft General
13.55 x 2.35 x 2.69m 2.34 x 2.58m 86.0m³ 27,720kgs
20ft Open top 5.90 x 2.35 x 2.35 m 2.34 x 2.24m 32.5m³ 28,100 kgs
40ft Open Top 12.05 x 2.35 x 2.69m 2.33 x 2.26m 66.3m³ 27,600kgs
20ft reefer 5.45 x 2.28 x 2.26m 2.29 x 2.22m 28.2m³ 27,570kgs
40ft reefer 11.65 x 2.29 x 2.54m 2.29 x 2.44m 67.5m³ 29,480kgs
20ft flat rack 5.96 x 2.02 x 2.08m - 28.4m³ 30,950kgs
40ft flat rack 12.00 x 2.24 x 1.95m - 53.2m³ 38,800kgs


Other Services

Oversea Network Extensive

Conslog offers 3rd party handling with our extensive network of partner offices from any location in the globe. From the supplier to the buyer without any touch with your location, we can move your cargo. With our extensive network of overseas agents and worldwide affiliates, we can effectively coordinate your international move and pave the way to a smooth customs clearance with expeditious international moving services. We can help you estimate your shipment's with the affordable price to transport your goods to your overseas destination.

Marine Insurance

•Conslog also provide general terms insurance. Marine Insurance covers the loss or damage to cargo, to the vessel, aircraft,  transportation carrying it, between the point of origin to another. The Importance of Marine Insurance may only become apparent when a situation involving loss or damage arises. Marine insurance is necessary to keep the safety of your costly item intact.

Project Cargo

Constamarie Logistics Sdn Bhd, is one of the leaders in project cargo, oversized equipment and heavy machinery transport. With a great deal of passion, expertise and years of experience in the heavy lift transport industry, we have successfully tackled this unique industry. Our focus is on service, safety, quality, reliability and cost-effective heavy lift solutions to our customers. We offer innovative transportation services.

Our valuable clients can rely on our Total Logistics, to provide the most efficient special equipment transport around the world. Our team of specialists strives to meet and exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers.
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